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Volunteers at Mary’s Path

With Hands and Heart – Supporting Mary’s Path Through Volunteering

Mary’s Path is very careful with how we spend the financial resources donated by community members, companies, foundations and others. As a nonprofit, providing crucial resources to teen moms and their babies, we carefully consider every purchase of goods or services. That’s why volunteers can make such a difference. Of course, during COVID-19, volunteer opportunities are very limited. But some of our most loyal friends from San Francisco Solano Catholic Church Men’s Group have continued to help maintain the garden that is much loved by moms, babies, and staff.

Charlie has been volunteering at Mary’s Path for 12 years. He started when he and a group from his church wanted to find a way to support young mothers during Lent. They found our organization and have never stopped coming back. Charlie has said that when he is at the pearly gates he wants to hear “well done.” We know that he will! He said, “I am here because of who I am and the gifts and talents I have. Everyone has time, you just have to make the decision you want to give that time to those in need.” Once the garden has been planted, Charlie would like to share with the staff and moms how they can manage it and show them how to fix the watering system. “We know the girls really benefit from the garden and I am happy to do it,” he said. Charlie has been married for 36 years to his incredible wife; they have 2 adult children and are expecting their first grandchild soon.

Clay likes to come to Mary’s Path with Charlie because he believes in supporting our teen moms with his time and talent. He has known of Mary’s Path for a number of years. He likes to come with Charlie and Jerry because after their time here Jerry makes the Best Margaritas!!

Jerry goes wherever volunteers are needed. He lives his life by supporting those in need. He feels drawn to Mary’s Path because of what we do to help the teen moms and babies who live in our homes.

Charlie, Clay, and Jerry all salute Green Thumb, whose owner, Bud Bergquist, has offered to help defray the costs of the plants that we are going to buy for the veggie planting and rose trees. They have a number of locations in Southern California. We hope that Mary’s Path supporters will keep Bud and his stores in mind. We thank Bud and his colleagues and we offer our heartfelt gratitude to Charlie, Clay, Jerry and their fellow members of the San Francisco Solano Men’s Group.