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– In Her Own Words – A new series of stories by and from our residents

A beautiful example of love and forgiveness. Elizabeth was a resident several years ago. While at Mary’s Path, she found her best medium for expression in writing. She wrote this when she was coming to terms with how much she wanted to be loved by her mom as she was a mom herself at sixteen.


A letter written to mom (but never sent) about one year after baby was born


Dear ___ (mom),

I wanted to take this time to say I’m sorry about your sister ____. It made me realize how fast god can take a life. One of my biggest fears is that I’ll never get a chance to say goodbye to you & that our relationship will remain as it stands forever. So let this letter be what I’ve wanted you to hear for so long. Every day I miss your laugh, your smile, your voice, your smell, the way you dance, cook, do your hair & makeup, and how you would tuck me in & force my feet in the covers every night. You will always be the most beautiful woman in the world to me. I know your past wasn’t a good one & it affected a lot of choices that you’ve made. God has bigger plans for all of us. I hope & pray every day that you’re okay, happy & healthy. I want you to know every day I love you. My tears fall from an empty place in my heart that no one other than you can fill. We may never speak again but if this is the last thing you ever get from me know that my love will always be unconditional for you. You brought me into a beautiful world. I too was handed an unfair deck of cards but I’ve learned I can change it for my kids. You’ll always have that place in my heart that not one soul could fill but yours.

I hope we’ll see each other one day.
If not now… in heaven.

I love you ___,

    may angels protect you
    neighbors respect you
    trouble neglect you
    and heaven accept you!

        Elizabeth _____.


Epilogue: The story of Elizabeth does not have a happy ending.  She struggles with mental health issues and addiction, and is currently homeless and has lost custody of her child. Her mother is not a part of her life and struggles with her own addiction and incarceration. We have been in touch with Elizabeth as recently as a few months ago and are still trying to get her into drug rehab at a mental health facility. The addiction is winning but we will never lose faith in Elizabeth.  She will always be a part of the Mary’s Path family.