Your Real Success

Your Real Success

“Your Real Success” helps residents take control of their lives and learn about their strengths, talents and abilities.

New dignity program teaches residents to overcome, succeed and thrive

A special thank you to St. John the Baptist Catholic School for helping fund our new “Your Real Success” program, a curriculum targeted for transition-aged youths who are overcoming pain and trauma.

The program was developed by author, speaker and trainer Rhonda Sciortino, who is also a survivor of abandonment, abuse and poverty. Rhonda started a nonprofit, Successful Survivors Foundation, that collaborates with child welfare organizations, churches, schools, and business and community leaders to help former foster care teens establish healthy relationships, mine the lessons out of their adversity, and create their own personal success. She is a spokesperson for Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women and Justice and for Foster Care Alumni of America.

“Your Real Success” is helping our residents understand their strengths, talents and the coping abilities they acquire through hardships, how to develop healthy relationships, and how to take responsibility for their lives.

Resident Jennifer shared while working through the six-week program that “this [program] helped me feel confident and good about myself.”