Heart of the Mission

New Look. Same Mission.

Our new name reflects the expansive role the organization plays in the lives of our residents, yet our hearts – and mission – remain the same.

New Name – New Look – Same Mission

I’m sure you know by now, we launched our new name and refreshed our logo in December 2017. We were conscientious in our rebranding process as we wanted to honor our rich heritage and maintain our founding mission, which still rings true today:

Believing every life is a gift from God, Mary’s Path empowers and equips vulnerable teen mothers and their babies for lives of hope, dignity, and self-sufficiency.

When we were first founded as Mary’s Shelter, we were just that – a shelter for troubled teenage girls who were pregnant or recently had a baby. Today, we are more than “just a shelter.” We are their home, and we are their family. A majority of the girls that come to live with us today are from the foster care system and have not had a stable living environment for most of their lives. They come to us from backgrounds of abuse, neglect, and sex trafficking. And they come broken. We welcome these vulnerable teens with open arms into our home. We work to restore their basic human dignity, get them back on their educational track, and teach them to break the cycle of hurt and become nurturing parents to their children.

In my first months here, it was clear these girls felt embarrassed to be living at a “shelter.” They wanted a home, a place where they could feel safe, to have enough food to eat and other basic things most of us take for granted. It was a wakeup call for me to set in motion a name change to one that reflects the expanded service we offer and the impact we have in the teens’ lives.

We went through many versions of the logo to get to where it is today, proudly embracing our Christian heritage. If you look closely at the letters on the logo, you will also see a “VM” for the Blessed Virgin Mary, who we were named after. And there is a cross at the end of the words, “Mary’s Path,” which is another reflection of our beliefs. Our logo tells a story of who we are, and that is one that leads to the path to Christ.

Thank you for your continued support for us and our mission.

Warm blessings,