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Mary’s Path (formerly Mary’s Shelter) is in the process of becoming a nationally accredited, fully-licensed Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP). We are more than a refuge for pregnant and young mothers. We are a place to find dignity, learn self-sufficiency and restore hope. Here at Mary’s Path, we empower teen mothers to regain control of their lives and create families that thrive.


Jan Lindsay started Mary’s Path with a vision to make it possible for pregnant girls without adequate family support to choose life for their babies. In 1985, Mary’s Path was officially incorporated as a nonprofit with a Board of Directors. At that time we purchased our first home purchased which housed 6 teen moms. Today, our home in North Tustin, can house 18 girls and 12 babies at any time. What a family that is!

Mary’s Path cares for these precious girls and their babies who need support, hope and a lot of help to change their lives. We believe we can help them get on the right path – a path where teen moms can learn about dignity, love, hope and self-sufficiency. While the girls and their babies live with us they attend school, parenting classes, and receive medical and mental health services. We do everything we can to help them “fit in” and have a life all teens deserve. Our girls don’t have an easy road ahead of them. As-a-matter-of-fact, the statistics reported today for most “troubled youth” say they will not graduate high school or be able to hold a job. Less than 5% of those who graduate from high school will attend college.


At Mary’s Path we strive to help our girls become a success, not a statistic, but it requires a lot of support. Can you give a few hours a week to help a young girl grow into a beautiful Mother? Do you have a special skill you can teach or be a tutor? All of our girls just need time. Time to heal. Time to develop, and time to mature into self-sufficient women.

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  • 1984 – Mary’s Shelter was the vision of one woman, Jan Lindsay, who wanted to make it possible for pregnant teens without adequate family support to be in a safe home to have and care for their babies. Her vision was embraced by the members of a prayer group at St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church in Tustin, who brought the dream to fruition under the leadership of Joan Basile.
  • 1985 – Mary’s Shelter is incorporated as a nonprofit, a Board of Directors was formed and funds are raised to purchase a shelter.
  • 1994 – Mary’s Shelter home in Tustin was purchased and doors officially open to six pregnant teen girls.
  • 1998 With the help of HomeAid Orange County, two new homes were built on the property with the capacity to house and care for a total of 18 teens and 12 babies at a time. The one-acre lot also features a garden, a tot lot and gazebo centered on the large patio.
  • 2000 – Mary’s Academy, a collaboration between the Orange County Department of Education, Trinity United Presbyterian Church and Mary’s Shelter staff, is formed.
  • 2003 – State subsidies for homeless pregnant minors ends and Mary’s Shelter becomes the only maternity home in the state of California that welcomes pregnant minors, thanks to generous donors, who keeps the home financially stable.
  • 2004 – Barbara Nelson becomes the executive director of Mary’s Shelter.
  • 2009 – Board of Directors opens the Mary’s Shelter Endowment Fund, using the gifts received in memory of Chairman Emeritus Paul R. Peek.
  • 2014 – Mary’s Shelter celebrates 20 years of making a positive impact for pregnant teens.
  • 2016 – Mary’s Shelter welcomes new executive director, Ellen Roy. The organization achieves national accreditation through the New York-based Council on Accreditation (COA) for Residential Treatment Services.
  • 2017 – Mary’s Shelter name is changed to Mary’s Path and transitions to a fully-licensed Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP).


Financial Reports

Mary’s Path is a California nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS with Tax ID #33-0203768. For every $1 donated to Mary’s Path, $0.87 directly funds programs and services for our teen mothers.

Mary’s Path operates with some funding from government grants, but generous donors enable the nonprofit to create a nurturing environment and provide services that truly help change lives, two at a time.

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